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Monday, 25 May 2009

Mother's Day ~ Italiannies @ The Gardens

When I say that my mum is hard to please, I mean it. Think family and you think 'Italiannies'. There's no other place that I know that combines ambiance, family-sized Italian cooking, hospitality in a warm and cozy setting. Welcome to Italiannies!

Calamari Caesar Salad ~ 10/10

Me and my family loved it! Authentic, fresh, and delicious! Tomatoes, olives, fresh salad leaves, artichokes, perfect deep fried squids, bread sticks, and an awesome tasting dressing!

Classic Cabonara (Non-Beef) ~ 6/10

Never order a Classic Cabonara without beef bacon. Although the dish is packed with creamy sauce and Parmesan cheese, its tasteless. The beef bacon was replaced with chicken stripes and Portobello mushrooms. Even so, it could not replace the taste and flavor the beef bacon offers.

Italiannies should consider lowering or standardizing the price of their Seafood Cioppino which has slowly risen from sub RM30 to RM38 now.

Since Italiannies were having their Mother's Day promotion by which the mother's main dish shall be discounted by her age, I planned to get her the famous Grilled Salmon Oreganetto. To my disappointment, they were all sold out. And it was only 7.30pm. Sob sob..

And so its replacement,

Chicken Milanese ~ 8/10

A perfectly grilled boneless chicken paired with a cream based sauce and topped with a Tomato Capper relish. A truly colorful and eye-popping dish.

The meat taste good even on its own because of how gently it was grilled. Tender and juicy with a lightly charred skin.

Tiramisu ~ 10/10

To top it all off; Tiramisu. First things first, this dish is outrageous! One bite sends you into delirium! In no particular order; chocolate syrup, vanilla sponge cake, brandy/rum liquor, and topped with chocolate powder.

This dessert can make your day no matter what. Reserve them, as it always runs out. Thankfully I did :)

All in all, everyone enjoyed a satisfying and colorful dinner. Hopefully mum did as well. Happy Mother's Day!

Credit to Italiannies for a good kitchen performance and friendly table service for the day. Even after so many visits to this franchise, it doesn't bore me to pay them another visit. I love Italian food and service, and Italiannies does not disappoint on that account.

Italiannies Pasta Pizza & Vino 
The Gardens
S209 Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur


Kamelia said...

It's really hard to please my dad too, and I was really nervous when I introduced Italiannies to my parents. But really, they ended up loving it, and my dad who is really hard to impress, loved the service there. I had the same chicken dish and loved it too. Me and Huzaifah enjoy the complimentary bread and olive oil :p

rubinho said...

Haha.. Do try the salads and the salmon dish.. They are both good.. Yea the bread and olive oil is spectacular! :)

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