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Friday, 22 October 2010

Las Carretas Restaurant & Bar @ Ampang

Forget Chili's! This is my new favorite Mexican restaurant! How could I have missed it all my life!

I've been wanting to visit this joint for a while now and I finally did. Since it was a special occasion for me and SS, I was quiet eager to give Las Carretas a try, and so we headed to their Ampang outlet.

Las Carretas (1)

A slightly dim but colourful atmosphere greets you, Las Carretas' Ampang outlet is comparatively smaller but makes up for it with loads of memorabilia and Mexican-themed artifacts. No corner on the wall were left-untouched and you really get that Mexican feel.

Las Carretas (2)

Complimentary nachos! What the.. I had to fork out RM10 for these in Chili's! And they even taste better! Jumbo Margarita (RM27) serves two and is ideal for sharing. But this is by no means child's play. Even though Las Carretas has several other more potent margaritas on offer, I was surprised this one had quite a good kick to it, testament to the quality of tequila used I suppose. Las Carretas also serves a variety of other cocktails, beers, coffees, liquors, and wines at reasonable prices.

Las Carretas (4)

One item that caught my eye on the menu was Poppers; deep fried battered Jalapenos stuffed with four types of cheese. Why wouldn't I try it! You could either have 3 pieces (RM9.90) or 6 pieces (RM16.90). It was a perfect starter with hot melting cheese oozing out with each bite. I only wished the Jalapenos were hotter. Habanero version perhaps? :p Crema Campinones (RM9) was one of the best mushroom soups I've tasted with fresh ingredients and chunks of mushrooms giving a flavorful and authentic taste to it.

Las Carretas (3)

Main course was Mixed Fajitas (RM30.90). You can choose your fajitas to come with either chicken, beef, prawn, lamb loin, or a mix of chicken and beef. Whichever you choose, you can bet it comes juicy and tender. Together with the other condiments of onions, peppers, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and cheese rolled into a tortilla, this is another I feel beats Chili's version. Las Carretas also serves a wide variety of steaks and frequently holds offers for high quality meat and seafood on their website.

Las Carretas (5)

It was a truly memorable first visit to Las Carretas. Food aside, the best thing we enjoyed had to be their excellent service! From the time we set foot into the restaurant, the friendly and attentive waiters made you feel comfortable and pampered. And if you are celebrating a birthday, you can have one of them wear those huge Mexican hats and play happy birthday on a guitar! Now how cool is that! Las Carretas may not be as famous as Chili's, but if you ever cross paths with them in Ampang, Subang, or Damansara Heights, I can bet you'll get a better Mexican experience.

Las Carretas Restaurant & Bar
22 Persiaran Ampang
Kuala Lumpur 

Tel : 03-42571668
Web : Las Carretas


Stephanie said...

nice one :)

carol marol said...

awwwwwwww~ :D hahaa.. wei.. it sounds good wei.. :D well maybe one day i will go try it.. :D

Suzanne said...

happy 2 to the both of you. teach me how to get to this place plssssss!

rubinho said...

[carol] yaa..i wanna go there again! :p

[suz] thanks gal! :) where u access jln ampang from? jln tun razak or MRR2?

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