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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Kensington @ Era Square, Seremban

Sometimes KL just becomes a tad boring when you are on the lookout for a good place to dine. Combined with the traffic and expensive car parks, it can really ruin the evening. So on a special day, I and SS decided to head south instead; to Seremban. Nestled in this relatively new and quite part of Seremban town is Era Square, and the host of the night; Kensington Western Restaurant.

Era Square is Seremban's version of KL's CapSquare; quiet and hidden location in the heart of the city, cheap car parks, and a good place to open a new dining experience.

Kensington (10)

Kensington serves primarily western cuisines ranging from soups, chicken, seafoods, to lamb, venison, steaks, and even Canadian-flown fresh oysters. One thing really noticeable when you browse upon their slightly old-looking menus are the prices; which are dirt cheap! Just as an indication, Carlsberg and Tiger beers go for RM8!

Compilation 1

A very nice and calm ambiance and setting greets the diners. White cloth covers every table and chair, giving it a fine dining touch. To cap it off, warm water is served.

When was the last time you were served warm water? Credit to the owner and staff for this simple yet wonderful gesture. Water is often overlooked. Most restaurants would rather have diners order more expensive drinks. But some diners like me would rather pay more for the food and not waste it on drinks ;)

Kensington has been grabbing headlines in Seremban for its affordable yet tasty dishes. Time to put the mettle to the test.

First up; MUSHROOM SOUP (RM3.80). Boy oh boy.. Expecting an awesome bowl of mushroom goodness after reading about it on a few other blogs, I was quite disappointed. I'll not lie when I say it tasted pretty similar to Vono's instant soup (with a few other ingredients added). Off on the wrong foot.

If that was the worst dish on the menu, Kensington's PRAWN MANGO SALAD (RM18) has to be one of the best! This appetizer serves 2-3 people with 9 juicy prawns cooked in a sweet, sour and spicy sauce and served with salad and mango cuts. Highly recommended!

Last but not least, the BLACK PEPPER LAMB SHANK (RM18.50). A lamb shank at that price, definitely worth it. Taste did not disappoint as well, the black pepper sauce had a wassabi-like kick to it.

There's plenty of other dishes to try at Kensington. Chicken Veronique; chicken breast cooked with grapes, cream, and white wine, Baked Potato Skin, Seafood Platters and Sizzling Steaks are among others.

Portions at Kensington are big and for its price; a good evening destination, even for KL folks. You avoid the jam and the headache. A 40 minutes highway ride is not a bad trade off.

I would really like Kensington to maintain their quality and quantity. Family outing on the cards soon :)

Kensington Western Restaurant
34, Jalan Era Square 3
Era Square
70200 Seremban
Negeri Sembilan
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