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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas Visiting

Ahhh...I think this is the 1st time I've had 3 invitations to lunch on Christmas! lol..Some serious controlling needed so i don't overload my stomach :p

1st was Jay Reuben's place...n guess what? I had to wake him up from 12pm !! Who sleeps on Christmas till 12pm? haha...its ok bro... :p As usual aunty made good cookies..among which my favorite..chocolate chip cookies :)

2nd was Sophia's place...Jackie served us a very warm welcome..Sophia's moist chocolate cake and chocolate chess were good desserts. Sophia's mum's bread pudding was a welcomed surprise as I watched it a day before on 'The F Word' and wondered how does bread pudding taste like..haha..and tasted good. Just don't ask what Chef Ramsey thinks about it :)

Finally it was Stephanie's place... Started with a 2003 Merlot and a 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon ;) We also had to ourselves the secretly hidden chocolate cookies (in pic). It was chocolaty good! explaining its hidden status by S&R :p Passed the time away with Joshie, Steph & Rebecca until dinner was served..A couple rounds of Chivas and a few games rounded off a good and memorable night :)

That's until we found out Joshie missed the stop at Kepong and slept all the way to Kuang! more whiskey for u! haha..

Thanks once again for a great day of Christmas Visiting : Jay, Soph, Steph, Becca, and Josh! Merry Christmas!


stalker0123 said...

lalalala.. 101 on XYZ... u broke all the rules..:) chill dun marah marah.. enjoy ur merlot..:S

Pearly said...

happy la....and we noe the real reason y..

drunkard said...

dei....without d last part it wouldn't be fun rite???


rubinho said...

hahaha..u wished..:p

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