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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Milwaukee Steak Corner @ Balakong

Recently renovated and revamped, I was hoping Milwaukee's quality serving was still up there. Well, after watching a good Christmas musical in UNITEN, what better way than capping the evening with a good western meal.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a menu that was broken down. About 5 pages of it hung without any support and I had 2 same pages on chicken. Chic.. Chic.. A lot of stickers with higher priced items dotted the menu. I was joined by my partner for the night, Pearl. We shared a huge jug of guava juice which was just about right and not laden with sugar. I must say the revamped steakhouse still had its previous ambiance and charm.

I went for my favorite, the NZ Black Pepper Lamb Shoulder, while Pearl had the Crispy Chicken Chop.

The lamb shoulder was a complete disappointment. 3 slices of lamb meat with uneven and fatty sides overcooked to form a hard and chewy substance which required a lot of energy to cut up. Black pepper tends to cover up the taste of the meat with its strong aroma, but one should know when the meat is rubber-like.

Pearl's Chicken Chop came up short as well. The portion of meat was acceptable but laden wit flour and oil. The crust really left much to be desired.

The side dishes on both of our servings were boiled corn, mashed potato and salad with mayonnaise. We are big fans of mashed potato but what we got was a scoop of potato that was hard! I'm not lying, but it was hard and not even warm! I believe the mashed potatoes are pre-made and kept in the refrigerator to be heated later for use. But come on la!
Mashed potato = hot & steamy! not cold & hard! The corn looked like a poor man's version of the mixed vegetables usually the side dish of a western meal. Nothing great about the salad as well. Wonder what happened to the usual serving of fries..

Do be aware if you are sitting outside, cockroaches roam free along the sides. I did not alarm my partner by letting her know. You know girls.. ;-)

All this for a higher priced menu was totally unacceptable on my behalf.

All in all, Milwaukee Steak Corner is still alive only because its the only such mediocre steakhouse for the area of Semenyih, Kajang & Balakong.


Milwaukee Seak Corner
No 13G Jalan Kasturi 1, Plaza Kasturi 
Off Jalan Balakong, Batu 11
Cheras Jaya, 43200 Selangor


stalker 0123 said...

at last.. baru can comment.. nonsense:P well.. so now i know where not to eat.. :P

Pearly said...

u didnt lemme noe thr were cockroaches!!!! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

sigh...just when we tot milwaukee was still decent...isnt ther anythg maintained in malaysia?!!

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