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Monday, 4 February 2008

The Indian Hero @ Taman Connought (Moved closer to UCSI)

Let me start by thanking my friend, Paul for inviting me to personally come and judge this place. Neways...


The one and only...


Hiro... Yatta!!

Ok..ok..pardon me..yea..the name itself raised my eyebrows.. The Indian Hero, located in the complex next to the Giant Supermarket in Taman Connought . Its a bit hidden at the back of the complex.. so do take your time walking around and visiting the multiple sports shops and Chinese handicraft outlets along the way..(Relocated to one of the shop lots closer to UCSI)

As shown on its menu..the standard set menu stands at RM 5. Rice, 1 choice of meat(Chicken/Mutton/Fish), 2 choices of vegetables, papadam, curry and a choice of iced lime juice or teh tarik. For all that, RM 5 is dirt cheap.. So lets see how the food stacks up to it..

Forget the metal trays kept warm by boiling water underneath.. Here its all in claypots.. It really brought back memories of my parents' old restaurant in Penang.. According to Paul, The Indian Hero serves different types of chicken dishes on different days.. And on Saturdays(the day we went) it serves its signature dish, Hero's Chicken. But believe it or not, before we arrived, which was at 12.45pm, a Chinese guy apparently came in and bought out the whole claypot of Hero's Chicken.. Couldn't I have just got a look at it 1st at least?? sheesh.. Paul is coming here for the 3rd time, and in all 3 times..his efforts for the Hero's Chicken has been in vain.. So I guess its a statement for this illusive dish..

I want pot 2, 3, 5, 8, and 9!! :p

Set Menu + Fish Cutlet's what I had.. Chicken Masala, Fried Beansprout & Fried Long Beans, and an additional Fish Cutlet. The chicken was nearly as good as my mom's. Haha, I'm not being biased :p But yea, it was spicy and flavorful. For a real good mixture of 'god knows what' taste, mix the dhall, chicken, and fish curry on the rice. The fish cutlet had surprisingly had a good amount of fish filling and not starchy. It was priced a healthy RM1.50.

Paul ordered a plate of Chicken Varuval and I had a go at it. Not the best I've had, but still too hot to handle for the faint of heart ;) hehe

As for the interior, the place has a dimmed down n relaxed setting.. with pictures of prominent Indian figures decorating the walls.. Gandhi and Aishwarya Rai to name the few.. Guess now I know where the place got its name..

All in all.. it was a great new place to discover.. Good & cheap food, relaxing atmosphere, and its on the way to Midvalley.. *hint hint* lol. Give it a try guys! Damn, now must hunt that Hero's Chicken! = )

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