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Monday, 3 March 2008

Hot Diced Frankfurters

Decided to play around again with whatever I had left in the kitchen for dinner.

Fridge = Sardine Sambal, Potato, Italian Sausages

So I grated the potato and fried them in oil. Then fried the diced sausages with the sardine sambal together. And mind you, the sardine sambal is loaded with chili powder =)

Fried it till crispy brown and added the grated potato on top as garnishing. Ate it with a bowl of maggi curry mee. Mmmm...satisfied.

Hot Diced Frankfurters


Pebbles said...

looks nice only...get my drift..sorry rubes!:P

rubinho said...


Pebbles said...

but the fried potato was nice..

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