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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

IZZI Lifestyle March Promotion

Came across this outlet, IZZI Lifestyle; which specializes in Italian cuisines.

They are currently having a promotion. And a mega promotion it is! Its supposedly March Menu Madness = 50% off everything except drinks and pastries.

From their website at

the menu looks good although a bit over-colorful. But a bit hard to believe eh, 50%?

I haven't been to this place before, but guess what, this place really knows how to make a name for itself. On its website is a list of food bloggers who have reviewed its place. Now thats advertisement! the cheapest and most effective way possible!

Check it out at

As usual KampungboyCitygal has one of the best reviews on it at

From the looks of it, the pizzas and pastas looks awesome!

I'd probably check it out if I pass it during this month =)


mei said...

Hi..It's not jz d pic luks awesome woh.D food real delicious..Come by n try ^_* Same as d first time i tried ,fettucinne con funghi,spaghetti carbonara,izzi classico n dessert stawberry cheese cake & d cozy place, comfortable...Wow definitely2 wanna come again.Now they got Asian menu (i can eat rice hehehe)moreover they always got discount promo ^_^

rubinho said...

Ooo..alrite, I still havent gone yet.. How many times u went d?

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