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Sunday, 2 March 2008

New & Improved Roti John

Pearl tried her hand at the original Roti John and did fare better..

Recipe :

1) Sardine (removed of spine bone and excess water)
2) Eggs
3) Onions
4) Salt
5) Butter
6) Bread

Steps :

1) Beat the eggs with sardine, finely chopped onions and a hint of salt.
2) Apply a thin layer of the mixture onto the bread.
3) Apply generous amount of butter to a mildly hot pan and the other side of the bread.
4) Sear the bread till you have a crispy layer of sardine yummy-ness.
5) Serve with a mildly diluted version of chili sauce. Trust me...

Suggestions :

Trying to figure how to add chili powder to the mix... mmm... spicyness... Indians only... :p

Oh yea, she burned a couple of the breads.. Hehe.. But the others tasted guu..uu..uudd =)

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