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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Kuching Part VI : Metahon

Another killer Sarawak dessert !! Metahon !!

Reminiscence of the peninsula's cendol but you'll find that the coconut milk, 'kacang merah', corn, and 'gula melaka' has been replaced with lime, slices of pineapple and lycee, and a generous amount of sweet and sour concoction of shaven ice. The green jelly although similar to the peninsula's version actually looks and taste more artificial, but has a chewy zing to it.

Kuching's version of ABC also has its own twists of lime and jello. Sarawak desserts seem to have SOUR as their middle name =)


On any hot and humid day..

One metahon saves the day..

Man its a lifesaver!

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