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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy New Year @ Chili's, KLCC

Avenue K's Club Quattro

Wonderful weather over KLCC as a new dawn approaches. Cold clear skies, colorful lighting, and a buzz echoing from the groups of people gathering in and around KLCC.

Margarita Presidente

But first up, dinner with SS and a visit to one of my favorite spicy outlets; Chili's :)

Salty, Sweet, and Sour

Perhaps my year could really be summarized by this cocktail. The pain through the salt, the sweetness through the margarita, and the sourness through the lime. After steps 1,2, and 3, what do you do again? Yes, repeat it all over again. Why? Because life puts you through saltiness and sourness so that you appreciate its sweetness :)

Grilled Lamb Shoulder

The last time I came here, I totally missed this on the menu. Not again! Its so hard to find good lamb shoulders these days and Chili's did not disappoint. I actually asked for it to be well done but it came somewhat medium. I guess they were rushing with the number of customers queuing up at the entrance.

Oh yea, It took us close to 2 hours to secure a seat. We had to get in a queue just to sign in onto the waiting list. Haha.. But it was fun..

Oh back to the food.. Yes.. At just below RM25, the Grilled Lamb Shoulder is a feast fit for 2. As it was medium, the meat was pink and required a bit of chewing. But the taste, excellent! A light bloody liquid on top of the meat did not deter us but made the meat look shinning-ly tasty. Chili's wholesome and specially made mashed potato is a killer together with fresh vegetables and garlic bread to round up this experience.

Old Timer Burger w Chili & Cheese

Well I'm not too well versed with the burgers from Chili's. I was slightly disappointed with the dry Cajun Chicken Sandwhich I had the last time I was here. Well looks like lightning does strike twice! Old timer, although comprising of mostly lean meat, was far too dry for my taste buds. The additional chili and cheese did not help either. Hopefully third time is a charm ;)

Overall we had a good time. A good dinner and chat to end 2008. Then its time to head outside and join the hordes of aimless people who have come to witness the fiery skies.

Aimless dots

So tall yet so big

More beautiful than fireworks

And that is why all my fireworks' shots were horrendous! :p






Lets begin 09 with more sweetness, and less saltiness and sourness..

- rubinho

Chili's Grill & Bar
Lot 346 B, Level 3
Suria KLCC 
50088 Kuala Lumpur

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