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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Come February 14

Chinese :: 我爱你...

Dutch :: Ik hou van jou...

English :: I love you...

French :: Je t'aime...

German :: Ich liebe dich...

Malay :: Saya cinta kamu...

Hindi :: मैं आपसे प्यार करता / करती हूँ...

Italian :: Ti amo...

Japanese :: 愛しています...

Spanish :: Te amo...

Food :: Mmmm...

There might be hundreds of languages to say "I love you...". But nothing can say it better than great sound, sight, and taste. That is why I'm sure most of you guys out there are already making dinner plans for your loved ones. Don't ask what I have planned. I'm hopelessly unromantic :p

KampungboyCitygal has already compiled 2 posts on good dining locations for you to choose from;

Part I : The Luxe


Part II : The Budget

Do check them out. For those seeking more exclusive Valentines' promotions and packages, do also check out my compilation below;

Romantic Meal-for-Two @ Enju

A Sparkling Valentine @ Bebe's Kitchen

Valentine's Buffet Dinner @ Latest Recipe

Be My Valentine @ Revolving Bintang

Love is in the Air @ TGIF

Valentine's Day Dinner @ Frangipani

Chocs-2-Die For-Soiree @ Schokolat

Special Valentine Menu @ Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

Valentine's Menu @ Swensens

Lover's Meal @ The Apartment

Updated February 7th!

Valentine's Day Set Menu + Bear @ Station One

Valentine Day's Special @ 4 Happy Seasons

Valentine's Day @ Telawi Street Bistro

Valentine's Day Dining Promo @ La Bodega

Valentine's Day Set Menu @ Friendster Cafe

The Swez Romance @ Swez Brasserie

Valentine Touches the Heart Buffet Dinner @ The Verandah

Valentine Churrasco BBQ @ Halia

Valentine's Under the Moonlight @ Courtyard Bar

Valentine Dinner @ The Zuup Soup Bar

Valentine's Menu @ Italiannies

Valentine's Promo @ Amarin Heavenly Thai

Have a great Valentine's Day...

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