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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Tenji @ SohoKL - Part I - Scenery

After all the dust and hype has settled down over the past months, I finally make my way to Tenji. Its the first time I have ventured out to this part of town. Mont Kiara is an awesome place. The Sprint Highway was full of greenery all the way, the rain just before gave an awesome morning weather to travel in, and finally Mont Kiara.. littered with so many beautiful mansions, condos, and malls.

Solaris Mont Kiara is like a shop & dine area from a neighboring country. The smooth and impressive looking roads, specialty shops you can't find anywhere else, reserved customer parking, and last but not least, the proudly standing SohoKL. It is rightly labeled the newest dinning experience in town, if not exquisite.

Competing with other Japanese eateries currently offering buffets, like Rakuzen and Yaki-Yaki, Tenji slashed prices to offer their buffets at RM49.90 for lunch (11.30am to 4.00pm) and RM39.90 for supper (9.30pm-12.30am) for the month of March.

I'm new to Japanese cuisine, so I guess a Japanese buffet is the best place to sample the variety of dishes this slate can offer. The area just outside Tenji offers a pleasant view of KL, from Genting Highlands to the KL and Twin Towers all within sight.

The layout at Tenji is quite pleasant, a small walkway from the receptionist where you pay upon entry leads you to a small waterfall and this open air walkway which is mainly for smoking customers.

Another point of information, the restrooms in Tenji are nice.. I think they are nicer at night with the lit candles ;)

Red carpet and red flowers for the ladies..

Fresh Young Coconut - 4/5

Let the feast begin! Before that, a cooling slurp of fresh young coconut to wet the throat :)

Coming up next : Part II - Japanese Corner

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