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Friday, 31 July 2009

Little Havana No More

Its sad to say that Little Havana is no more.. I liked the place a lot as it was one of my first real nightlife stops..

The site is currently under renovation with possibly new owners. I had a chat with the man handling the jockey parking there. He says the new place will be almost similar but it will now be Mexican inspired!

Looking forward to its opening possibly in August or September 2009.


Frat Mustard said...

Yo rubinho,

Don't worry... not all is lost... so far the "new" Havana (not so new anymore)... has received good remarks.

See latest by Ciki at

Love the blog!

rubinho said...

Haha.. Yea I heard.. Wonder ever they still have salsa dance nights there not ;) Neways thanks! Great job over there as well! :)

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