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Friday, 30 October 2009

Shi Fu Wan Tan Mee @ Cheras

One of this month's backlogs, sorry I have been away for a while. University assignments are time-consuming, boring, and brain-sapping :p Well, one fine morning after accompanying SS to her dentist, we walked around looking for something to grab for lunch and tumbled upon this neat-looking place.

My usual policy is to not get something at a franchise or high-end place which you can get at a hawker stall. A hawker stall will most likely get you a more value for money dish, if not tastier most of the time. "MOST" of the time :p I though ill excuse myself from the rule this time.

As its name implies, Shi Fu Wan Tan Mee specializes in Wan Tan Mee but also serves a variety of other Chinese-based rice and noodle dishes.

One thing you have to have here no matter what dish you are having is its side chilies; Nice vinegary green chilies and addictively hot and spicy ground oily red chilies. This burn in your mouth and ar** stuff is to die for! :)

Wan Tan Mee here is served in 4 variants; thick or thin noodles and wet or dry. Wet and dry refers to the typical soya sauce or soup serving of course and thick or thin refers to the traditional thin noodles or a broad yet thin noodles that resembles Kuay Teow but not its taste nor soft texture.

Both thick and thin versions were tasty in their own right, but I prefer the traditional thin version. Succulent barbecued sweet pork and minced pork are well proportioned and tasted good. A healthy dose of vegetable completes the dish.

Not to forget the soup and dumplings; fresh prawns and a clear soup ideal for drowning away the oils.

Overall, the dishes we ate here were good. The basic noodle dishes are priced at RM5 with addons, variants and other dishes priced above that. It is on the higher end in terms of price, but if you are having a headache on where to have a good Wan Tan Mee and not worry of its quality and cleanliness, this is the place for you. If not, just head to your nearest hawker stall :)

Shi Fu Wan Tan Mee
Jalan Manis 3, Taman Segar
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur


Chia Wei said...

spicy ar?????it write there super most spicy under the sky the front door there....look nice leh。。。。hungry

rubinho said...

Haha.. Ya, the chili is spicy.. But very very tasty.. Its not bad at all.. Aiyo, u missing malaysian food d ah? Kesian.. When u coming b?

Chia Wei said...

next yr oli

rubinho said...

Ooo.. Icic, nvm nvm.. When u get b ull whack malaysian food like u have never seen it b4 one :p

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