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Friday, 27 November 2009

Plus One Shabu Shabu @ 1U

Its been too long I know. I have been occupied with dance practices for an upcoming Latin ballroom dance competition. Dancing is the only activity I have tried that actually flattens my tummy! Amazing!

Anyways, back to the food scene, SS brought me to this place about a month ago. I guess we got bored of the same old Chinese steamboat that we decided to give this Japanese twist a go. Do look out for their student discount which allows you have their individual set for an affordable RM9.

Shabu Shabu (1)

Located at One Utama, Plus One Shabu Shabu serves steamboat ala individual pots of boiling soup. This way, everyone can experiment and destroy their soups at their own expense :p There are about 5 different soups to choose from; spicy beef, tom yam, and herbal being among them. Their dipping sauces takes variety to a whole new level. Provided are up to 18 dipping sauces or add ons to make your soup specially tailored to your own taste buds.

Shabu Shabu (4)

This is actually a recipe for disaster! 5 types of soup with 18 sauces and the majority of people having itchy fingers..a perfect example; I messed my soup up too! But the fun of just trying every sauce and see what happens is just too tempting ;p

Shabu Shabu (2)

As you can see above, each individual set is not bad in quantity and quality; high on non-processed sea protein coupled with vegetables, egg, and noodles.

Shabu Shabu (5)

Overall it was an average tasting with a nice ambiance experience. There are loads of other meat and seafood add ons available upon your order. For those who get a kick from having their pots served individually, no harm giving this place a try. If not, you'd still prefer your traditional steamboat affair.

Shabu Shabu (6) 

Plus One Shabu Shabu
1 Utama Shopping Centre, 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya, Bandar Utama



Anonymous said...

Are there any other Plus One Shabu Shabu branches in other malls?

rubinho said...

Hi there.. Besides 1U, there is one next to Imbi Palace Restaurant, Off Jalan Imbi according to their website.

Anonymous said...


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