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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Memoirs of 2009

NY 09
Welcoming 2009 with SS

Bryan BBQ
Bidding farewell to Australia-bound Bryan

Valentine's Day with something and someone sweet

Tenji buffet indulgence

My Dell
My first laptop ~ Dell XPS 1530

X-Men Premier
X-Men Premier & La Bodega intoxication

Mother's Day
Mother's Day @ Italiannies

Teluk Kemang
Teluk Kemang outing with working colleagues & students

Bagan Lalang
Bagan Lalang outing with SS, Soph, Alf & Ivor

Crab night out!

Aaron & Stephanie Engagement Dinner ~ Congratulations bro!

My virgin Swensen's trip

Bon Odori
33rd Malaysian Bon Odori Festival

Jeslyn Chili's
Get together dinner with Jeslyn

Vas Trip
UK aunt Vasantha's trip down to Malaysia

Ugly Truth
My movie of the year ~ The Ugly Truth

SS Birthday
SS' 22nd Birthday ~ What a mess :p

Our 'I' year anniversary :)

My Birthday
My 22nd Birthday ~ Thanks to SS, Soph, Ed, Josh & Buba Baby

New Moon Premier
New Moon Premier with SS, Soph & Ed

Nirvana Maju Banana Leaf with SS, Soph & the returning prodigal son; Bryan


Although I feel 2009 has been a quieter year for me as compared to my other years, I am nether less happy to have spend it with people who are important and close to my heart

To all my readers, do not despair if you have had a hard or stumbling year. Let it be buried by the stoke of 12 and let a new wave sweep you off your feet and bring you to greater heights

Every year is a new chance for us to make a difference in our lives, the lives of the people close to us, and the world

Happy 2010 and may it be another year of chance, hope, forgiveness, and peace for this wonderful home we call Earth




fatboybakes said...

nice pics... wow, teluk kemang looks so clean! you sure its teluk kemang ah?

rubinho said...

yup..8th mile if i was not mistaken :) probably was a good day..hehe..

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