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Friday, 24 December 2010

Boat Restaurant @ Pantai Tengah, Langkawi

Langkawi is renowned for its white beaches and clear waters, green padi fields sprawling fish farms. But it is not renowned for its food. Before heading to Langkawi, I spent close to 6 hours on good eateries to go to but came up with so few of them. So armed with the limited information, I and my cousins decided to hunt them down :)

Boat (8)

On the first night, we traveled south of Cenang Beach towards Tengah Beach to try Boat Restaurant. There are loads of restaurants and eateries along Cenang and Tengah Beach, ranging from fine dining to simple roadside eateries. Choosing one without prior knowledge can be a nightmare if you're someone like me. Boat Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located just opposite of Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa. So, it shouldn't be too hard to find if you just head towards the resort following the many tourist maps available at the airport or jetty.

Boat (1)

Since Langkawi is an island, all seafood are fresh from local fisheries and the only available fish are the more expensive saltwater varities such as Sea Bass, Snapper, and Grouper. You therefore wont find local freshwater favorites such as the Talapia in Langkawi.

Boat (3)

Garlic Kailan (RM8)

Boat (4)

Kangkung Belacan (RM8)

Boat (5)

Deep Fried Squid (RM18) was reasonable and not overloaded with flour.

Boat (6)

Butter Prawns (RM20) was a miserable plate of 6 tiny prawns and one to definitely avoid. Who makes butter prawns using these tiny prawns?

Boat (7)

Steamed Thai-style Sea Bass (RM30) was a good 600g portion but tasted rather flat and bland. It lacked the essence of Thai cuisine whereby spiciness, sourness, and sweetness blend together at correct proportions to give that great taste. Fish was nether less fresh.

Boat (9)

Total bill came to RM106 for 5 people. Boat Restaurant is one of the cheaper restaurants on the island and a favorite among foreign tourists. They also serve western dishes. But for someone who has eaten really good Chinese food in the Klang Valley, Boat Restaurant falls short of my expectation.

Boat Restaurant (Opposite Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa)
2013 Jalan Telok Baru
Pantai Tengah, Langkawi

Tel: 012-4755662 ‎

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