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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rosedale Bistro @ Cameron Highlands (Part 2)

Our second visit during lunchtime was not bad either. Available were a variety of Western and Asian dishes to chose from. The Western set meals were very tempting at only RM 13.90.

Rosedale Bistro (6)

Each set meal comes with soup of the day and bread with butter, a drink, and a main course.

Rosedale Bistro (8)

The main course is either Chicken or Lamb Chop with your choice of black pepper or mushroom sauce. For that price, the portions were more than satisfying and also taste good; not too dry, not too salty.

You have to be careful these days as there are just too many Western outlet wannabes out there serving disgraceful chicken and lamb chops.

Rosedale Bistro (7)

SS and I decided to share a Honey Glazed Chicken Chop (RM12) which is not among the set meal options. The chicken was delicious; juicy interior with sweet caramelized exterior. And for that price, definitely value for money.

Rosedale Bistro (10)
If there is one single fruit that draws tourists by the droves to Cameron Highlands, it is the strawberry. With tens to probably over a hundred farms all over Camerons, one might get a headache deciding where to get the best bunch from because not all of them will be of the best quality. On my visit there, the tastiest strawberries were purchased from the Brinchang daily street market.

Rosedale's Sliced Strawberries with Ice Cream (RM9) offers you the same strawberry-licious delight in comfort with fresh, sweet, and succulent strawberries used.

So if you are in Tanah Rata with no idea where to dine, there is no harm in giving round one to Rosedale. Just don't go there too late just in case the place crowds up.

Rosedale Bistro
42-A, Jalan Besar
Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

Tel: 05-4913159

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