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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Bee Heong Hainan Chicken Rice @ Cheras

Taking a break from criticizing and dooming food places which deserve them, I do come across the occasional gem which deserves mention..

Located directly opposite from the Starbucks outlet at Cheras Leisure Mall, its a small roadside hawker style stall serving only Hainan chicken rice.. And boy it is the best chicken rice I've tasted so far!

Bee Heong Hainan Chicken Rice.. Here's the lowdown..

The rice is cooked with the usual chicken stock..but the difference is..its cooked in house-sized rice cookers.. I found it quite cute actually.. They had 3 of those..I guess big things come in small sizes.. ;)

The Hainan chicken was flavorful n had a nice and balanced touch of sesame oil to it. I ordered bean sprout as an extra side dish. It was so fresh, it looked more green than white.. and tasted good.. The dishes were neither salty nor overpowering in taste.. unlike how you get it at most chicken rice outlets...

The ingredient that makes this Hainan Chicken Rice outlet different from every other is its grind chili dipping and ginger dipping.. They were outrages!! Both were rich in taste and flavor.. It gave the chicken rice dish a shot of vodka n whiskey respectfully!! No kidding.. Pearl, who hates ginger, had to undergo a love-hate relationship with the dipping as she couldn't stop having more of it!

To compliment it all, a bowl of salted vegetable soup was served.. clear, tasty and ajinomoto-less..

Looking forward to bringing more of my friends over there soon.. = )

Bee Heong Hainan Chicken Rice
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur


stalker0123 said...

when r u going to bring me there?

rubinho said...

haha, when u free?

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