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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Millennium Chicken Rice @ Da Chong

Millennium Chicken Rice is among the number of stalls located at the Da Chong food court in Kajang town. Its usually crowded towards night time with its big screen projector TV.

Millennium Chicken Rice serves a whole chicken leg which is tender and juicy inside and covered with a crispy crust along with white rice, shredded cabbage, fried egg, and hot sambal. Please be wary as the sambal can be a tad raw at times and too much of it can cause you to go to the toilet the next day. The food is not too bad but the pricing does confuse me.

Lately, they increased the pricing from RM4.50 to Rm5.00. It was reasonable i guess, but it was unreasonable to charge those who wanted to have the chicken alone RM4.00. So are you telling me if I just wanted to have white rice, shredded cabbage, fried egg and sambal, it would be only RM1.00??

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