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Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Apartment @ The Curve

Went out with the bunch to hang out, explore new areas, and abuse the HILUX to its absolute maximum ;-) The Curve was the destination, and The Apartment was the dig-out; where the seating is divided into areas of a household; the hall, bathroom, dinning room, bedroom, etc.

Seared Salmon Fillet

Sophia had the Seared Salmon Fillet. It looked good, although I didn't have a taste of it. Read the comments to get feedback from Sophia.

Andrew's Pasta

Bryan cashed in on Andrew's Pasta which was recommended by Sophia from her earlier visit here. Refer to the comments to get feedback from Bryan on Andrew's Pasta.

Steak Sandwich

Pearl and I decided to share the Steak Sandwich. Boy it looked good when it arrived. But sadly to both our dismays, we realised too late it was beef, in which case I could not have it =( Well, wasn't my day to eat I guess. Feedback from Pearl has also been added to the comments.

Thanks guys.. Till the next big eat-out that brings us all back together again, adios!

The Apartment
Lot 72, 73 & 74, 152, Ground Floor
Western Courtyard, The Curve
Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya


b@wee said...

abuse the Hilux? yeah.. hope chee siong doesnt come across this blog. I like your photos and your blogging, dude. really. good stuff. beginning to look more professional by the day. we have to now try to allocate expenditure to be able to afford all those places which serve food so beautifully.

Anyway, andrew's pasta... 1. who the **** is andrew? why am i eating his pasta? it was green though.. and green is good. 2. same comment for sophia's version.. very oiled pasta. taste was good. asparagus were nicely blanched. not too limp. tatoes were good too. the pesto was good addition to the taste of the pasta which would otherwise have been boring. serving was small though, i was actually expecting the large portions from tgi's. maybe that's why.

sophia said...

sorry bryan =p , should have warned u bout the portion ,..u didnt wait till i finished my explanation =p



Look at me having that bite (picture), need i say more?
Salmon was goooood, flaky (flaky is goooood), moist in the middle (so gooood!!), laid on a bed of cubed potatoes, which were i think tossed with a light sauce of tomato puree. Even the salmon skin was good, well seasoned n lightly crisped to perfection. On top of it, a spoonful touch of buttery mint gravy.
I so must try this in my kitchen. Any volunteers to be my white mouse?

Pebbles said... steak sandwich?

D.R.Y..grilled well, but still...dry..very dry..disappointing..

crisp potatoes were a little burned..

nothing great..seriously..have something else..

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