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Saturday, 8 March 2008

When you are in need

It was a day I needed answers, clarity, judgment, reason, and a sense of peace. I got it all in a bite of Secret Recipe's New York Cheese Cake. Yes...I've been dying to have it for the whole week. I finally got it on one of the most 'happening' days of my life. Imagine..I woke up at 4AM and played basketball at 8AM. For those who know me, thats not the normal me :p

NYCC needs no introduction I suppose. Its a classic. Too bad recent price hikes has been reflected even here with cakes being raised from RM5.50 to RM6.30. Plus tax its a whooping Rm7.20 for a slice of cake. Well, nothing is cheap these days. But worth every cent if it helps you solving a problem.

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