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Friday, 21 March 2008

Min Mee Food Court @ Seremban

The night before Raptor Watch 2008, mummy Gracey, Pearl and I had dinner at this food court located after the Seremban Wet Market, next to the 24-hours KFC outlet in Seremban town. Surprisingly the stalls were still quite busy close to 10pm. Being in Seremban, I was quite sure its food was going to be better than those I find at Kajang food courts.

First up, 2 plates of Popiah. Boy it was good, I can't remember the last time I had good fresh Popiah.

Then it was 2 plates of Chee Cheung Fun. Unfortunately it wasn't as tasty as I hoped. The flour was a bit thick, the sauce very light, and the chili paste a bit raw and lacking flavor.

The next one didn't dissapoint. Grace and I saw a chicken rice stall with yummy roasted pork, duck and chicken hanging. So we ordered a plate of Barbecued Pork and Barbecued Duck mixed together (RM16). It was quite tender, juicy, and tasty although a bit oily. Well the power of lard I suppose :p

Lastly, I ordered Claypot Chicken Rice (RM9 - 2ppl) which was one of my favorite dishes when I was living in Seremban more than a decade ago.

It's so hard to find good Claypot Chicken Rice these days. Its either dry, lacking taste or deprived of meat. But Seremban still has its good old recipe; thick gravy, served with generous cuts of chicken and lap chong, and minced salted fish. Having this one again on my next visit here =)

Overall it was a good dinner and my god we were all stuffed as hell. I was seriously doubting how was I going to have breakfast the next day. Hehe.. Thats for later..


Caffenny Tan said...

Wow. A food blog. Love it! The popiah looks delicious~

Han Yen

rubinho said...

Haha.. Yea, bored of Kajang food just drive down to Seremban ny :)

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