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Monday, 24 March 2008

Min Kok Dim Sum @ Seremban

What a better way to start the day than having Dim Sum for breakfast.. mmm.. Min Kok Dim Sum is located near the new Terminal 2, just to the right of Era Square.

The interior is like your typical air-conditioned Chinese restaurant although I prefer having my food in an open aired environment; wouldn't like my Dim Sum getting cold too fast, which what happens here unfortunately.

Now to yummy steamy food..

As usual with Dim Sum, they are served in carts which carry stacks of it. Due to the large eating area, they are a bit hard to come by and you need to be a bit patient.. A bit hard when you are starving.. :p

First item I took..

Fried Carrot Cake

This has to be the best fried carrot cake I've tasted so far. It taste even better than the Char Kuay Teow I usually have back home. Spicy, fresh, and rightly seared carrot cake cubes.

Fried Wan Tan

Fried Wan Tan filled with shrimps and pork, nothing else to say except.. tasty!

I'm not too sure what to call this, some fried stuff with shrimps inside? =) Tasty again? Yup!

Fried Yam w Pork Filling

Another tasty and flavorful addition.

Next are the steamed variations..

Forgive me as I do not know their names specifically, but nearly all of them are either shrimp based, pork based, or a mixture of the two.

But I was mystified as to how they weren't serving the most famous Dim Sum I'm aware of; Siew Mai.

Yam Rice (Spicy)

Add ons...

Steamed Siew Pau

Peeled and served Steamed Siew Pau, not bad but the filling was a tad too sweet for me.

Hot, healthy, and tasty porridge with the right flavor and ingredients.

Crushed peanuts inside a crispy sesame shell, this sweet one makes an excellent dessert!

And wash all the oil down with good old Chinese tea..

Min Kok's Dim Sum prices range from RM2 to RM4 respecfully. For its cleanliness and taste, it is value for money. But I must say its fried variations were way better than its steamed counterparts. But overall, a good place to have your breakfast in Seremban if you're out with your family or group of friends.

Restoran Min Kok Dim Sum (Beside Era Square)
No. 7645, Lot 5990
Jalan Labu Lama
70200 Seremban


sugar, spice and all things nice said...

too many photos in this blog, smaller pics n more description maybe?

rubinho said...

Food are larger than life! ;p

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