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Monday, 31 March 2008

Subway @ Fish Tank

Woke up at 2PM... No breakfast... No lunch... Didn't really have the appetite for it... Then Baby Sis calls up and asked ever I wanted a Subway Sandwich from The Mines. Well, anything works for me =)

Oh ya, Fish Tank is the name of the apartment I currently live in =)

So I asked her to choose the bun, meat, and dressing. So she got me this sesame and chili laced bun with turkey meat, onion rings, tomato slices, cheese, salad, mayonnaise, and chili sauce inside. I actually haven't tried Subway's sandwiches before.

In my confusion of wanting to heat it up using the microwave or the stove, I dropped it!!! Splat!!! Hahaha...I'm super paranoid and impatient when it comes to heating up food la... And see what happens.. Had half my clothes tainted with mayo, chili sauce and salad leaves :p Well, I managed to salvage it, minus a slice of tomato and a bit of the dressing of course.

After I got it all back together again and popped it inside the microwave, I was finally ready to have my Subway. Not bad.. not bad.. Subway from the brink of disaster still tasted good.. meat was juicy and tender.. You could still see the juice flowing on the surface of the meat. Nice and crunchy salad with not too much mayo with an interesting looking and tasting bun wraps up this Sub! Now I just have to find out its price from Baby Sis =)

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