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Monday, 7 April 2008

Rojak @ Pasar Besar Seremban

Well its about time I got back to my last but not least Seremban digg-out. Sorry for the delay but I had my hands full with thesis deadlines.

Back to food...

Its morning and I'm hungry... Where to eat before we leave Seremban and head back home to Kajang... Pasar Besar Seremban is one of the busiest places in Seremban town on a weekend morning. So theres bound to be something good hidden somewhere.

On the 1st floor of this behemoth market lies a fleet of small Chinese food businesses. The atmosphere was just awesome. No, u can't smell the fish from downstairs. But instead you get the smell of hot coffee and the sound of something simmering from pots and pans.

This place if full of old-timers as they call it; stall owners of the golden generation and something about it just says they make food not for getting rich, but as a livelihood and passing down of culinary knowledge.

A glass of freshly pressed sugar cane drink to quench the morning thirst. Quite diluted I must say.

Every table seemed to have this rojak dish on their tables and it looked quite good. I didn't know which stall it was, so I kindly asked a table having the rojak. Lot 785 it is! =) I believe its a family-run business with the husband easily making the delicious looking sauce as it finishes while the wife chops up the rojak stuff into pieces.

If you want to drool, this is the best time to do so. The best rojak I have tasted so far in this side of the states. A perfect blend of spicyness, sourness, and sweetness makes this rojak one you'll go back for seconds. The fresh and crunchy ingredients used adds to the wholesomeness of the dish. When I was done with it, there was nothing left to clean =)

After digging into the rojak. I wasn't quite full and decided to have a bowl of Yong Taufoo. Your standard taufoo stuffings in clear soup. Nothing special, but it helps having hot steamy soup after days of heavy eating :p

After all that, I tapau-ed 'the one rojak' back for my dad, sis, and a couple for the fish tankers back home. Yes..pigs.. =)

Pasar Besar Seremban
Negeri Sembilan


Devious Egg said...

Nice got to try it...
BTW... You tagged your photos A site that for now, does not exist... Hehe... Install UT lah!

rubinho said...

hahaha..cuz its a statement that is coming soon!

Kamelia said...

I love going to pasar seremban, its airy and huge and far cleaner than kajang's.

But the hygiene on the food is questionable I didnt try it.

Hey, going pro on the food reviews ke?

rubinho said...

pro? haha...hmmm..wats the definition of pro? :p

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