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Thursday, 1 May 2008

BBQ Chicken Rice @ Kajang (Closed)

I've eaten about every chicken rice shop in Kajang, and the one that stands out above the rest, by a small margin that be, is located along the back alley near MAA Bank next to the beautiful murky river of Kajang :p

Like your typical chicken shop, the choice of barbecued lean pork, crispy roasted pork belly, roasted chicken, Hainan chicken, and roasted duck is at your finger tips. The shop allows the mixture of meat on your plate. So mixing and matching your meats is as fun as eating them =)

Barbecued lean pork with crispy roasted pork belly sprinkled with a bit of fried garlic. Tender and juicy. Forget the fattening part ;)

Hainan chicken with light sesame sauce is a healthier option compared to its roasted cousin. The portions of meat here are generous and boneless.

Given the choice, I would have all 5 choices of meat at one go, but I'm trying to loose weight. So maybe another time :p

What better dessert than the choice of ABC or cendol. The stall next to the chicken rice serves these cold delights at more than affordable prices. To wrap things up, the shopkeepers there are very friendly and serves you with a smile.

The complete lowdown on this chicken rice outlet : (based on K.F.S)

* K.F.S - Kajang Food Standard

Food Taste & Quality : 9
Friendliness : 10
Pricing : 9


Other chicken rice outlets in the vicinity of Kajang

Tung Shen :

Food Taste & Quality : 6
Friendliness : 7
Pricing : 6

Row opposite Restoran Zillion :

Food Taste & Quality : 8
Friendliness : 8
Pricing : 9

Restoran 2233 (Perhentian Kajang) :

Food Taste & Quality : 6
Friendliness : 7
Pricing : 8

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Pebbles said...

wait till u try melaka food........:P

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