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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Food Republic @ Pavilion

Let me start off by thanking and especially my sis for vouchers to Food Republic @ Pavilion. So, on a Friday night I was joined by my foodsters-in-crime Pearly, Bry Bry, and Raf.

We arrived a bit late at about 8.30pm. Wonder how much more we would have eaten if we started earlier.. which is bad :p

Food Republic is a Singaporean Food Court franchise. Its unique interior designing and interesting variety of foods beats most food courts you find at other malls. Note that some outlets like Thye Hong are famous food stalls in Singapore.

We decided to order in masses and share it out. 1st up, grilled Pari which was priced according to its weight. The fresh seafoods are displayed in ice for customers to chose from. The grilled fish was somewhat dry but tasty when eaten hot, and the side belacan was an idle dipping. For the sizable piece we chose for a party of 4, it came to RM20.00

Next up was a Korean dish ordered by Bry Bry and Raf. The chicken on the hotplate was surprising very spicy and flavorful seeming its a Korean dish. The chili covered fermented cabbage (Kimchi) is not for the faint of heart.

From the Western Corner, it was the Half-Dozen New Zealand Oysters and the Carbonara Pasta.

The oysters were fresh but I question the odd combination of mashed potatoes together with this dish. If I remember correctly it was priced at about RM15.90.

The pasta had to be one of the best I've tasted so far. Creamy and satisfying. I helped Pearly lick the final remains of the herb filled cream ;) At RM 11.90, value for money and taste.

From the Chinese outlet Thye Hong, our order comprised of Oyster Ommelete, Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodles, and Fried Carrot Cake.

The oyster ommelete was a cholesterol dead wish but who cares right ;) At RM7.00 with generous amounts of oyster, it wasn't too bad but lacked zang! The chili sauce given adds taste lacking in it.

Next is the Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodles. But wasn't Hokkien noddles supposed to be black in color? Okay besides that, this meal somehow managed to blend in well with all the other rich dishes we had. Its simplicity, and light and sufficient taste was a welcomed addition, also priced at RM7.00.

Last but not least, the Fried Carrot Cake. Although i personally rate the Fried Carrot Cake from Seremban (earlier post) tastier, it was a good dish. Bigger cubes of carrot cake somehow cooked to perfection with all its taste reaching the middle of each cube. This delight is priced at a modest RM6.50.

With the addition of fresh ice blended fruit juices including Mango, Strawberry, and BANANA flavors, plus a few of Toast Box's classic toasts as dessert (next post), we had a massively full table and gleeing faces all around =)

Food Republic
Pavilion KL
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur


Pebbles said...

Four piggies!!!!

Raph the happy pig
Bry-bry the scandalous pig
Pearly the lazy pig, and
Rube the head pig!


thanks preya..=) n!

*dreamy look as she reminisces on carbonara pasta*

*hugs* to my 3 piggy frens!!
hugs hugs hugs

oink said...

thanks guys! :)

Anonymous said...

The oysters you had were not oysters they are mussels.!!!

rubinho said... bad then.. =)

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