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Friday, 25 April 2008

Serenity @ Starbucks KLCC

Early morning.. cloudy.. mild drizzle.. cool breeze.. KL..

Rare.. serene.. special..

What were the odds the weather turned out the way it did on a day where I, Pearl, & Bryan decided to hang out at the Starbucks outlet at KLCC while waiting for Sophia to finish her exam paper.

We had the Starbucks' promotional breakfast currently on from 21st to 30th April. It comprises of a sandwich and a complimentary cup of coffee for RM4.50 excluding tax. You can chose from 3 different sandwich fillings :

1) Sausage + Egg + Cheese
2) Tomato + Basil + Cheese
3) Mushroom + Tomato + Cheese

Don't let its modest appearance fool you. I and Bryan had the sausage filling while Pearl had the tomato and basil option. And boy was it worth it. Cuts of sausages with generous amounts of egg and cheese enclosed in a soft and warm bun. Plus it tasted good!

To accompany this simple, tasty, and hearty meal, a relaxed conversation of people, faiths, relationships, marriage, good memories of university life, and the future.

What more can be asked on a calm and serene morning in KL..

Thanks guys.. I'll never forget the good times we had together =)


Pebbles said...

It was nice to sit with u and bryan...felt so right..=) Yep memories back then were good! never fails to make me smile

here's to wishing to more good memories, rubinho...


b@wee said...

oh gosh.. i feel emotional.

b@wee said...

thanks for the times too dude.

rubinho said...

ur welcomed guys! =)

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