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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Kuching Part III : Kolo Mee

The next house specialty has to be Kolo mee. Well it might look like West Malaysia's Wan Tan Mee without the dark soya sauce, I assure you it taste nothing similar.

Softer strands of fine noodles tossed with a reddish lard sauce and served with cuts of sweet and minced pork. The perfect breakfast for pork loving people. The Kolo Mee above is from the A1 food court near Taman BDC, where we stayed.

As far as statistics go, the group of us ate Kolo Mee 6 times during our 6 day stint in Kuching at 5 different Kolo Mee stalls across Kuching =)

The best Kolo Mee I tasted had to be from Fock Hai Tim Sam Cafe located somewhere in the town area. I shall try to Google Earth it up.

Can someone tell me who ate the most Kolo Mee on the trip? And how many bowls at that? :p


b@wee said...

woo!!!!!!! kolo mee kolo meee

rubinho said...

yea...wonder when is the next shipment of Kolo Mee is coming through.. ;-)

Pebbles said...



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