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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Burger Meat : Ramly vs Farm's Best

Burgers and burger stalls have become a culture and a way of life in Malaysia. You can find them anywhere, from the pasar malam, mamak stalls, food courts to bus stops, hostels and office centers.

Malaysia's famous burger brand has to be Ramly with burger stalls bearing its name and churning out burger variaties such as Burger Double (Double patti) , Special (With egg) and Double Special (Double patti w egg).

Even in Malaysian kitchen's like my own, burgers are made with the patties bought from our supermarkets and me being me, I always go for the most value for money products. I've always used Ramly burger patties until i came across Farm's Best. And so I decided to have them together and compare which burger meat rules supreme!

On your left : Ramly!
On your right : Farm's Best!



I'll get down straight to the facts, comparing both products based on their product labels, Farm's Best beats Ramly hands down with a lower fat and higher protein content. It is also cheaper by 50 cents or so.

Now to the frying pan. I started by first defrosting both patties in the microwave. After defrosting, i noticed Farm's Best was very soft and was falling apart on its edges whereas Ramly was still firm and stiff. I conclude that the higher fat content in Ramly is the reason the patty glues better together.

I use no oil or butter while frying my patties as the melting fat in both of them is more than sufficient. As soon as I put both patties on the pan, i got a whiff of chicken meat aroma. And it came from Farm's Best. I never got that from Ramly before.. Farm's Best is smaller in terms of size as compared to Ramly. But Ramly also releases a lot of oil from its patty, whereas Farm's Best barely releases anything noticeable.

Off the pan and a bite of each into my mouth. In terms of taste and meatiness.. The winner by means of knockout.. FARM'S BEST! Taste way more like chicken meat than Ramly and looking at the overall review, looks like I'll be sticking to Farm's Best until something better comes along ;-)

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