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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Deepavali Delights : Part I

A celebration of light and colors..

A celebration of good over evil..

Happy Deepavali..

The day starts off with a rub of oil on the head, a shower, and prayers before breakfast. And theres nothing better for Deepavali breakfast than homemade Thosai!

This is one of my attempts on panning out the Thosai flour my mum made. Practice makes perfect! What you are aiming to get is a thin and continuous circular pattern from the middle to the outer rims. Something like the Milky Way galaxy :p

The picture says it all.. Served with Chicken Curry and either Coconut or Tomato Chutney, an ideal starter to a long and eventful day =)

Mum just came back from Saudi Arabia about 10 days before Deepavali. But she managed to prepare some tidbits like Muruku, Coconut cookies, Chocolate Almond cookies, and a few others. Indian candy and Achi Muruku were supplied by close relatives for more variety.

Coconut cookies..

Chocolate Almond cookies..

I want Candy!! I want Candy!!

On the left, Achi Muruku.. And on the right, Muruku.. In the middle, unknown.. I know.. I'm bad at Indian stuff =)

Other fried munchies..

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