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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Deepavali Delights : Part II

Here comes the heavy hitters!

The lunch menu was decided by me and mum. A simple but rich and spicy one to say the least.

We actually called the neighbours for lunch at 12pm. But with the usual Malaysian timing, they came at 2.30pm, when all my other guests were suppose to arrive. So it was one hectic session.

So lets begin..

Do excuse the hotel-styled layout. I get too excited when it comes to food sometimes :p

Briyani Rice.. Made with extra long grains mum brought back from Saudi. So good you could eat it on its own. I'm serious!

Chicken Vindaloo.. A Goan style of cooking which has a fiery hot taste combined with a certain level of sourness, giving it a real distinct flavor from all other recipes.

Mum's Classic Mutton Varuval.. Some guests came just to eat this.. Some couldn't make it unfortunately.. Haha.. Honestly, my family has gotten too used to eating this dish at home. So it was mainly for the stomachs of our hungry guests. Good tasting and healthy Mutton Varuval is hard find these day. Using nearly every spice available in the kitchen, it doesn't get better than this.

Prawn Sambal..

rubinho's Fruit Salad.. Diced green and red apples flavored with light mayonnaise and served with salad leaves and sliced cherry tomatoes.

I hope those who came enjoyed the food, atmosphere, company, and celebration of Deepavali.. Thank you and till the next Festival of Lights comes around..

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