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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Tenji @ SohoKL - Part III - Western Corner

Sorry for the late update, been pretty demotivated and tired of late :p Anyways, continuing with my review of Tenji; the Western Corner. Any buffet can't live without western cuisine. As for Tenji, I must say that their Western Corner is below par as compared to their other cuisines

Monster ovens for grilling and baking seafood and meat are nicely tucked in the layout.

Stewed Lamb w Mint Sauce - 4/5

Perhaps the only dish worth trying at the Western Corner. Tender, juicy, and a balanced flavor. Although I am not sure where does the mint sauce come in.

Grilled Prawn & Mussel w Cheese - 1/5

Probably the worst item I tried here. Tasteless and not to mention its puny size, it took them 20 minutes to whoop this out of the oven. Other dishes available at the western corner are the Baked Fish, and Grilled Beef, and Carbonara Pasta. Pasta is best avoided as it will fill you up very fast.

This huge clunk of lamb goodness is to be roasted for the Dinner Buffet. Too bad they don't have it for the Lunch Buffet :p

Coming up next : Part IV - Chinese Corner

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