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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Tenji @ SohoKL - Part IV - Chinese Corner

Onto the better faring Chinese Counter, it oozes the variety synonymous with the Chinese culture of cooking.

Clams in Superior Stock - 3.5/5

The stock was quite tasty but a bit hard to scoop up as there were more clams than stock on the serving tray. Overall an average tasting dish.

Steamed Talapia - 2/5

Never try a dish you know you can get better at your regular Chinese Restaurant. The fish was not very fresh and the sesame laden sauce unappetizing. One to pass.

Marmite Prawns - 4/5

Big, spicy, and tasteful marmite goodness.

Bamboo Clam w Garlic Sauce - 3/5

The clams were a bit too hard and chewy, accompanied with an average garlic sauce.

Bamboo Clam w Garlic Sauce - 4.5/5

One dish saved them all; Crispy Strawberry Prawns. 5 for presentation and 4 for taste. I was a bit skeptical of the strawberry sauce at first, but I decided to give it a try anyway. The chef managed to pull this one off elegantly. The fried prawns went very well with the strawberry sauce. And the rest is history.

Coming up next : Part V - Dessert Corner


SS said...

say wat??? u decided to give it a try??? :)

notice all the nice ones were my choices :p

rubinho said...

Bisingnye.. :p

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