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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

And the winner is

Actually it was suppose to be more than this but then I realized I did not have pictures of all the franchises. Hence this shall be a more 'wordy' post :p

Dunkin' Donuts

Dough : 5/10
Sweetness : 7/10
Presentation : 6/10

Sometimes it feels Dunkin' Donuts has given up and raised the white flag after the emergence of Big Apple and J.CO. Their quality, taste, and promotions has not improved one bit. Hard and cold doughs and poor service at certain outlets compound their misery.

Big Apple

Dough : 9/10
Sweetness : 8/10
Presentation 8/10

Nothing much to complain about. Good tasting doughs with sometimes a bit too much sugar in their coatings. Attractive promotions and bright and colorful outlets.


Dough : 10/10
Sweetness : 9/10
Presentation : 9/10

If you thought Big Apple was perfect, then J.CO will blow you away! Audaciously soft and addictive dough, melts in your mouth with every bite. Their outlet at Pavilion KL is also a showcase of interior designing and presentation.

Krispy Kreme

Dough : 7/10
Sweetness : 7/10
Presentation : 8/10

Times Square was abuzz with excitement when it was announced Krispy Kreme will be opening an outlet there. Their first week was hectic. Everyone was caught up in the hype that Krispy Kreme is in fact the best donuts franchise in the world. But something happened when it landed here in Malaysia. Nearly everyone who has eaten their donuts have complained of how over the top sugary it is. They probably thought Malaysians love sugar to our diabetes-related-deaths. The dough left a lot to be desired as well. During my first visit to Krispy Kreme, I accidentally dropped my donut on the floor but was not dissapointed or sad. It must have been that bad..

Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the

is...... J.CO !!!

Wow.. Even I'm not surprised.. Adios people, Better queue up early. You know how long the lines there can get ;)


Chia Wei said...

krispy kreme is malaysia?Oh!
made me laughed when u said u dropped the donuts! haha....
better be go krspy kreme, i haven't rey, must go n try :)tq for sharing

Chia Wei said...


rubinho said... times square..a few months open d :) im clumsy with food la..

Anonymous said...

But J. Co's dough makes me sick! You know that sick kind of feeling after you finish eating and you feel like throwing up because there's too much oil in it and it makes you feel sluggish and nauseous. Hahaha... not very good at describing am i? ;p

rubinho said...

Haha.. Maybe their special ingredient doesn't go well with your stomach or perhaps a bit more oil used :P

Chia Wei said...

tulah dun sekali gus buy manyak2...u get me...i know people tend to buy alot and started to eat alot too, that's why the "sick" feeling comes so suggestion maybe one at a time will do?

J2Kfm said...

i felt like puking once, after 3 Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
too sweet, tooth-numbing level.
sigh ....

they should tone down the sweetness level. already diabetes prevalence among Msians so high.

not to say the others arent sweet though, but at least tolerable level.

Chia Wei said...

oooo, most the complaints are toooo sweet......omg

Johnny Ong said...

and it's not cheap either

rubinho said...

But some Malaysians can really take a lot of sugar.. Just look at our waistlines! :p

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