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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Rest 1 @ Taman Jasmin, Kajang

Looking for a good dose of Garlic naan and Tandoori chicken?

If you are staying in the vicinity of Kajang or Semenyih, Rest 1, located at Taman Jasmin would be your ideal stop. Rest 1 is among the 2 or 3 Mamak restaurants operational around the indoor badminton court at the entrance of Taman Jasmin.

Its hard to get good Tandoori chicken these days. Most are dry and overloaded with seasoning. Rest 1 suffers from neither. What you get here is juicy, moderately sized chicken with the right amount of taste.

The spicy sauce that goes along with the Tandoori chicken is also another important aspect. Most are watery and mellowed down. At Rest 1, expect yourself be reaching for your milo ice as the thicker sauce served here is spicy! Addictive and finger-licking good to go along with that :)

Planning to check out another Mamak restaurant in Cheras rumoured to serve excellent Garlic naan and Tandoori chicken ;)

Till then, adios!

Restoran Rest 1
Jalan Kajang Prima 1/1
Taman Jasmin
43000 Kajang

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