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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Evening by the Beach & Kensington Revisited

Its a day we've been deprived of a very long time.. A quiet time by the beach with the sound of waves crashing the rocks, the salty sea breeze, the orange radiance of the sun lightning up the seas and trees, and the company of each other..

PD (1)

Darn.. Those clouds had to put a dampen on things..Depending on which time of the year you visit these shores, the position of the sun can change quite dramatically.

PD (38)

This stretch of stony ground complete with benches, a small playground, public restroom, and a bridge spanning a small bay is excellent for soaking in the sight of the setting sun. Even noticed a number of people fishing. There's also a long stretch of sandy beach next to this area and for Port Dickson standards, it is quite clean.

PD (12)

Picked up some small delights on the way; this 'apparently' is chocolate fudge. I recommend not going to this bakery located opposite the Port Dickson Hospital :)

PD (83)

Standing on the bridge which is said to connect the land to Pulau Burung (Bird Island). I'm assuming those marshes in the background is the island or what remains of it during high tide.

PD (74)

The sun looks sad behind those cloud covers.. Hopefully it would be more cheerful on our next visit :)

PD (127)

The colors of the evening sky never seize to amaze me.. The variety of colors blends together to perfection and exudes the feeling of calm and content.. But for us, content is never without food! :) On the way back from PD, there's only one place we'd stop at.. The special place..

PD (134)

Kensington has remained largely the same since our last visit here.. The heavy rain upon arrival, the white cloths covering the tables and chairs, the warm water in clear glasses, and the indecisive looks on our faces as we want to try every item on the menu :)

PD (137)

Looking not to over-stuff our tummies, we ordered two to share; the first was Carbonara Pasta (RM14). The funny part came when I asked the waiter ever it was spaghetti or fettuccine, he said spaghetti. I like my carbonara with fettuccine and asked ever the chef could replace the pasta, and he said there's only spaghetti. So anyhow, when the dish came, it was fettuccine! Sweat! Why did I even waste my energy talking.. Haha.. Besides that, it was a creamy, yummy, and chicken sausage-filled delight :)

PD (139)

Next up was BBQ Lamb Rib (RM19.50). Typical to Kensington, the meat was very tender and fall off the bone. Easy for most to eat, but sometimes I like fighting with my meat. I must have been a carnivorous animal in my past life :p Anyhow, for a BBQ themed dish, the sauce was a bit more on the sweet and sour side.

Overall it was still a satisfying dinner at a very affordable price. The only thing that has changed is that prices on the highly rated dishes have gone up a bit. I'll give them a benefit of doubt on that. What isn't going up these days right? Oh wait, our salaries! :p At a lot of modern dining places, we pay more for the place than the actual food we eat. I could never eat peacefully in a restaurant with chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and lined with silver and gold in every corner. I'd feel out of place. Give me great food on a stool and I'm all yours! ;) Bottomline, Kensington offers you good food with a honest setup at a price that does justice to both.

Beach view
6th Mile, Beach Road
Port Dickson

34, Jalan Era Square 3
70200 Seremban

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