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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Swensen's Revisited @ SS2, PJ

I know its been ages since my last post. Am I really flogger material? Am I just too lazy? Haha.. Anyway, this post dates back to end of March.. The revisit of Swensen's..

Swensen (1)

Whenever I and SS are in this part of town, its hard to resist the temptation that is Swensen's. What to do.. SS is kinda hooked on their mint ice cream.. Like seriously hooked on it :p

Swensen (2)

Anyhow, Swensen's lunch offer is still quite an attractive, affordable, and satisfying one. This time I opted for something that resembled chicken chop and SS delved into her macaroni with cheese. This post has been delayed so long that I have forgotten the original name of the dishes :p Sadly I was unlucky this time around to have gotten my chicken undercooked. And when they took it away, I knew they were going to fry the same piece again, ruining my day :) And so I patiently ate my piece of rubber meat and stole some of SS' average macaroni.

Luckily what Swensen's is really good for, they remain really good for; ICE CREAM :)

Swensen (3)

With a small add-on, we both had to ourselves a pair of sundaes. Mine was butterscotch and SS' was mint flavored, but both excellent to the last slurp! Swensen's is still an excellent destination for those with a sweet tooth, but they have to do better with their entrees and main courses if they are to do attract more of them. 

22 Jalan SS2/67, Petaling Jaya
47300 Selangor


sophiaceralee said...

This SS ... forever with her ice cream ...... we shud get her an ice cream cake for her bday kan?

rubinho said...

haha..yups! :D

Anonymous said...

hi there! just wanna ask how to get there from KL Central. TIA!

rubinho said...

Hey there..Im no expert on the area, but using Googlemaps, the fastest route from KL sentral is either using the sprint highway or Jalan University turning from federal highway :) Sorry cant be of further help.. Dont think the place has train service also

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