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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hoi Tong Steamboat Restaurant @ Seri Kembangan

With steamboat buffets being the "in" thing these past few months, restaurants such as Yuen of Sunway and Hoi Tong of Seri Kembangan come to mind. The former is known for their famous and succulent barbecued chicken wings.

Hoi Tong (1)

Being probably one of the last people to try this kind of buffet, I joined SS' family to first locate Hoi Tong which is located in the older side of Seri Kembangan. No matter what day it is; Mother's Day, Father's Day, a public holiday, weekend, or even just another weekday, please make a reservation before coming here as they are the hottest destination in the steamboat buffet scene.

Hoi Tong (2)

Hoi Tong beats out other steamboat buffet scenes with just one word; variety. Their seafood alone comprises of crabs, prawns, squids, mantis prawns, and an assortment of clams and mussels. The pictures below show the rest of Hoi Tong's buffet spread.

Hoi Tong (3)

Hoi Tong (5)

Hoi Tong (4)

As far as freshness goes, it would be best to smell them and judge for yourself as freshness levels might change from day to day, but those sensitive to allergy from non-fresh seafood are advised to stay away from the crabs. The freshness of their fish, squids, clams, and prawns shouldn't be a problem as they are consumed in big amounts on a daily basis. Calms and mussels will also require you to clean them before eating.

Hoi Tong (7)

After a few hours, whats left are sweaty people and a very messy table..

Hoi Tong (6)

To cool down after heaps of hot tom yam soup, you can choose between fresh fruits, iced Chinese tea, jelly, or ice cream.

Hoi Tong (8)

Hoi Tong Steamboat
Lot 12, Sri Kembangan Tambahan
43300 Sri Kembangan, Selangor

03-8943 6580
019-258 2509
012-228 3954

GPS Coordinates: N 03°01.534′ E101°41.972′

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