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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Mother's Day @ Piccadilly & Bangkok Masala, Milennium Square

Picadilly (4)

Located just under the condominium that Millennium Square sits are two kitchens that serves the same dining space; Piccadilly and Bangkok Masala. Most in PJ know this place as just Piccadilly and its easy to see why; sounds cooler? Anyhow, the two restaurants are worlds apart. Piccadilly serves mainly western dishes including chops, pastas, burgers, and anything that would go with football by the look of its menu. Bangkok Masala on the other hand serves a wide variety of Asian-themed cuisines.

Picadilly (2)

The dining area is well spaced with nice wooden furniture and ambient lighting. As you can see, loads of television sets occupy the space and sporting telecasts is the main draw here. I'm reckoning this place is a full house during the entire course of the ongoing 2010 World Cup. The place also offers beers at relatively cheap prices.

Picadilly (3)

From Piccadilly, we ordered a couple of Lamb Shoulder Chops (RM14.90); two medium-sized lamb shoulders served with fries and long beans. Yes, you heard me right; long beans. The only reason they would have resorted to this is if long beans is actually cheaper than corn and peas; a terrible side. The lamp meat was slightly thin and also slightly salty. Otherwise, it was only an average dish considering its cheaper price. The health-conscious might want to give this dish a skip; a lot of oil.

From Bangkok Masala; Plain Naan (RM2.50) which was quite nice. The naans here are thinner than usual, but this made it easier to eat, and not make you fill your tummy too fast.

Picadilly (1)

The naans paired excellently with the next two dishes from Bangkok Masala; Tandoori Chicken (RM5) and Butter Chicken (RM12.50). The mint sauce served with the tandoori compliments the chicken and the naan well. Perhaps saving the best for last, the butter chicken saved the day. Although I would have guessed that the dish turn out yellow in color, this butter incarnation has Northern Indian influence written all over it. Packed with chili but also having that thick butter cream texture, this is the absolute best dip for our naans: highly recommended.

Picadilly (5)

Of the two, Bangkok Masala gets my vote over Piccadilly. Piccadilly could likely satisfy most of the sport-lovers who throng the place as they wouldn't give a d*** much on how the food taste like. Anything fried in oil, and you have a winner :p Bangkok Masala's dishes on the other hand feels more refined and the different Asian cooking influences gives you more variety to choose from. Dining here also includes a 10% service charge.

Oh yea, before I forget.. Happy Mother's Day mum :) Or is that super belated by now? :p

Piccadilly & Bangkok Masala
Millennium Square, Dataran Millennium PJ
98, Jalan 14/1, 46100 Petaling Jaya
03-7955 3655

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F said...

I thought this was one of the restaurants in Piccadilly, not Picadilly the restaurant. I'd be really interested to see what the food scene over there is like, everything always looks so good.

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