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Sunday, 25 July 2010

KK - Manukan Island

The next day, we're off for some clear water, sunshine, and white sand. Manukan Island is one of 5 islands that make up the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. The others are Mamutik, Gaya, Sapi, and Sulug. Mamutik, Manukan, and Sapi are the prime snorkeling islands for most tourists. All islands are around 20 minutes from Jesselton Point in KK town. Do bring your student card as rates can be considerably cheaper.

KK (4)

The small high-powered ferries are ideal to soak up the scenery and the sea water smell :p We drop off tourists at Mamutik Island (top) on our way to Manukan. Tourists may opt to go to a specific island or be part of an island-hopping package. Even from here, you can see how clear the beach and water are.

KK (5)

Once on Manukan, we rent our gear and head off in search of a quite and shady spot to settle down. Goggles and life jackets are recommended, but you can skip on the flippers as they really aren't much help in the shallow waters. For those who like sun-bathing, the fine sand here is a real joy to doze off on.

KK (6)

Fishes literally swim up to shore here. You can walk a meter into the water and start snapping away. Just don't fall into the water while holding your camera :p The water is so clear that you don't need to worry about waves of sand filling your swimwear like in Port Dickson or Batu Ferringhi.

On a hind side, the shoreline is full of washed up coral. And even if you swim further away, you'll notice much of the corals have disappeared, leaving behind only small schools of fish and sea cucumbers. I guess the influx of tourists stepping on the coral has slowly destroyed it. I would not know the coral condition on Mamutik and Sapi though. So, perhaps island-hopping is a good option to compare the health and diversity of the corals here.

KK (7)
Overall it was still a good and wet trip ;) Beats Langkawi beaches by a long shot! Jesselton Point also provides ferry rides to the world-famous diving site at Sipadan Island and Survivor's Tiga Island. Still remember that reality show?

Anyways, time for a shower and food now! :)


Chia Wei said...

very nice la!

rubinho said...

yea..sipadan should be 100 times better.. nice to know malaysia still has such natural beauty :)

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