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Saturday, 24 July 2010

KK - Arrival, Tea & Beautiful Sunset

What better way to blog my recent KK adventure with a new layout for my beloved blog. I think it was long due for a revamp anyway :) Hope you all like it!

KK is my furthest travel destination to date, the previous being Kuching. Talk about the East Coast ;) 6 days may seem long, but sadly its not enough if you truly want to experience everything Sabahan.

KK (1)

Imagine what life would have been without AirAsia.. Since its officially my vacation, I couldn't keep my itchy fingers away from the cabin food of theirs. Hence I and SS decided to share Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak (RM9). Yes! I'm traveling with SS! :) The meal was satisfactory, but nothing like how it was advertised; typical. Anyway, the 2 1/2 hours was spent eating, sleeping, and UNO-ing.

KK (2)

Upon arrival, we were picked up by our host; Brenda who we will be staying and traveling with the next 6 days. We were a bit hungry, so decided to stop at one of the local tea scenes in Penampang. The sight of "cakui kahwin" immediately grabbed my attention! Freshly fried cakui sliced in the middle and doused with butter and kaya, sinful goodness! Their Char Siew Pau was another treat, meatier and more red in colour as compared to most West Malaysian versions. A good start for my tummy I must say :)

KK (3)

As it was approaching late evening, we headed to Sutera Harbour Resort in KK town to catch perhaps the best sunset I've caught in the whole of Malaysia. The clear and unobstructed view from here is both amazing and breathtaking. One should not miss it if you're in the vicinity of the area. More sunset pictures here.

Keep watching for upcoming posts on the sights and tastes of Sabah.


Suzanne said...

sutera harbour! i was there!!!

rubinho said...

haha, awesome rite? i wouldn't mind teleporting there on any given evening :)

Chia Wei said...

so many island u went to! @@ jealous

rubinho said...

Eh, 1 island ny wat.. The rest was from the coast of KK town..

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