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Thursday, 22 July 2010

SAY NO to Kajang's Sri Paandi

On the local scene, my patience has steadily been wearing thin when it comes to Kajang's Sri Paandi which is located right next to the Shell station in the middle of town.

Food quality and service have deteriorated to such an extend I would rather sit in my room and munch on biscuits!

Kajang is suffering from a serious lack of good Indian restaurants. Besides Sri Paandi, the only other is Ravi's along Jalan Reko, and another is located next to the Billion supermarket in town.

Ravi's is a family run business, be it a badly run one. Service is slow and the food only average. The one next to Billion barely serve any greens and the rest of their dishes look monotonously red or orange.

With such lack of competition, Sri Paandi has managed to ride on just its famous name to woo customers in even with their poor food and service.

Among their major shortcomings include;

1) Cold curries
2) Soggy cucumber salads
3) Same old vegetable day after day
4) Puree fried in dirty overused oil (upon question, the waiter says its normal)
5) Smaller thosais
6) Price increase that does not justify the smaller portions
7) Waiters who are so care-free as they wander around seemingly not bothered to attend to customers in a professional manner
8) Drinks that take forever to reach as they are sitting at the back there with no waiter even bothered to serve them

If I had a better grasp of Tamil, they would have gotten more than my piece of mind! So I hereby advice those who would like to have a wholesome and tasty Indian dining experience to skip these outlets and head to ones such as Sri Nirvana Maju and Devi's Corner in Bangsar and many other prominent ones around PJ and KL.

Sometimes good food requires that bit of travel.. Its sad when restaurant owners just do not take the initiative to maintain their standards. Hopefully, reduced flow of customers will force restaurants such as Sri Paandi to make drastic changes.


Conee said...

^^ hoho... sound so piss off ha? I forgot when is the last time I ate at Sri Paandi...

But Robinho, susahlah I mo diet if keep continuing reading your blog. =p it makes me hungry all the time looking at those pictures. Ahakz.

rubinho said...

Haha, yala..pissed.. patience finally wore off :p

Eat without eating is no life at all ;)

Kamelia said...

Hey Rubern, love the new look! Keep on posting great posts!

rubinho said...

thanks dear! means a lot! :D

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