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Saturday, 14 August 2010

KK - Bubble Tea

Its the equilavent to mamak shops..

Its the equilavent to milo ais..

Its where young Sabahans go to chill out after school or tuition classes..

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is weaven into the childhoods and lifestlye of Sabahan's young as good as how it taste, which is quite good ;) Easyway, Frenz Cafe, and household name Yoyo Cafe are bubble tea outlets that stay alive till the wee hours of the morning serving those drinking delights with other snacks and desserts. Its the "in" place to hang out and meet your friends. Peak hours at Yoyo Cafe for example includes a non-stop bubble tea-making production chain for lines of customers up till the point they run out of pearls!

Its quite surprising how a simple milky drink with chewy pearls and fruits could create a subculture around it as how bubble tea has done with Kota Kinabalu..

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