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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Restoran Pecel Lele Ann & Dila @ Perhentian Kajang

I can't be having mamak food for lunch everyday right? So it was the day to revisit my friend; the catfish. Usually demoted to the 2nd or 3rd tier of fish dining, this one however deserves your attention.

Pecel Lele

The dish of pecel lele hails from Indonesia and has been a mainstay here among the Malay population.  But something tells me its not the easiest dish in the world to cook. Having to deal with a fish with strong bones yet come out with a crispy and crackling skin with soft tender meat must need special attention. Ann & Dila (sisters or mother and daughter?) serve their fish in this manner. Combined with an addictive and spicy sambal, its trully a 1-2 knockout punch!

They do serve a chicken variation and a few other dishes, but I would recommend nothing but this! The only downer is I'm not a fan of plain steamed vegetables :p Restoran Pecel Lele Ann & Dila is located in the vicinity of Perhentian Kajang, midway between Kajang and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).


Chia Wei said...

oh this catfish heh
i been eating it since i RA in FST cade, not bad leh...

but in here in uk n ireland the catfish is other catfish with misai one, if make into fish and chips also deep fry filet though not in whole fish body


oh ya! ulam! u forgot to mention bout ulam...saw that in the picture, the sambal looks yummmy!

Sambel Pecel Kemangi said...

One of my favorite food. Nice article. =)

rubinho said...

CW : Ulam? It was more like few strands of steamed vegetables ny la.. Haha.. Ooo.. how much is catfish n chips in UK? U tried b4?

SPK : Haha, thanks:) Yea, it taste good!

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