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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Pizza Hut's Hoax!

Pizza Hoax (1)
Man oh man, why did you all have to do this?

Did you think I could not differentiate between  bread sticks and chopped up garlic bread?

You judge for yourself. If you don't have bread sticks, then say so. Don't chop up garlic bread and try to trick me! Is this what franchises have resorted to? Trickery? Bad enough their marketing is full of illustrations meant to deceive the general public, now they turn to making customers feel dumb? Pizza Hut, you should be ashamed of yourselves..

Pizza Hoax (2)Look at this personal super supreme pizza. Notice that the dough barely crosses the halfway thickness of the pan and the huge gap between the crust and the pan? You guys are good with your shrink rays now I see!

We all know times are hard. But when a customer pays well for food, one deserves to have a certain level of quality maintained. Not this. Just look at those pathetic pieces of capsicum? How much you think those tiny pieces cost? Pizza Hut's quantity of toppings is a disgrace to pizza itself!

Service and quality at Pizza Hut has dropped dramatically since the days we were kids. Stop wasting time coming up with new dishes, crazy toppings, and flashy advertisements and just concentrate on making good quality pizza.

For those in search of good quality and authentic pizza here in Malaysia, I recommend Canadian Pizza, Yellow Cab Pizza and a host of good Italian restaurants all around the country. There's even a few Italian dinners opening with their very own wood fire oven, capable of cooking delicious pizzas in a matter of minutes :)

At the time of this posting, I also lodged a complain at Pizza Hut's online feedback system. The next morning they gave me a call concerning my complain. It seems the old bread stick was coated with cheese but this is now replaced with garlic bread sticks. Upon hearing this, I asked ever was this to save cost? He said yes!

I rather them increase the price than serving below par food items. Why not just remove the pathetic garlic bread sticks and serve their traditional garlic bread which we all love?


Vivien said...

they have this online deal, buy 1 regular pan RM21, free one crunchy worth RM19 i think

quite a good deal

once in a while, i do crave for pizza hut thick bready crust :P

rubinho said...

Yea, i think lot of pizza outlets now are offering 50% off or buy 1 free 1 promotions.. Competition must be getting hotter!

I still would like to try a wood fire oven pizza.. Need to go find one :)

Anonymous said...

Try Papa John's Pizza... :-)

Anonymous said...

yah, try Papa John's Pizza.. they serve nice breadsticks, fluffy inside and crunchy outside :-)

rubinho said...

Yea, must try soon.. Their pizzas look good too..

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