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Friday, 24 September 2010

KK - Other Places of Interest

KK Places (1)

Tanjung Aru Beach

Located only 6km away from KK town and a stone throw away for most people here, Tanjung Aru is famous
for its long stretch of coast coupled with a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Families throng here for the weekends and are welcomed by a beach-facing food court which served an assorted of local delicacies. Among the most noticeable are, fresh and pickled fruits, steamed nuts, grilled seafood, and your must have fresh coconut. On a nice day, one can bask in the beautiful skyline and the soft sandy beach teaming with hundreds if not thousands of those tiny sand bubbler crabs.

KK Places (2)

Yayasan Sabah Tower

Built in 1977 and the 2nd tallest building in Borneo, the Yayasan Sabah Tower is a 30 floor glass sculpture. Its also home to a restaurant on the 18th floor which rotates one complete cycle every hour, giving a complete view of Likas Harbour.

KK Places (3)

Gaya Street

Gaya Street is the most famous street in the town of Kota Kinabalu mainly due to its closure to traffic every Sunday from 6.30am to 1.00pm to make way for a mega Sunday Market. This Sunday Market sells everything from fruits to vegetables, coffee to snacks, puppies to rabbits, handicraft to sea shells, and everything else imaginable. Its the must place to be on a Sunday morning in KK. You can even feast yourself with delightful Chinese breakfast fare at the shops located along Gaya Street.

KK Places (4)


The KK Waterfront encompass the stretch  which include hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants, and a large handicraft center. At night, the clubs, bars, and restaurants attract a large number of young locals and foreigners. I've been warned about being here at night as pickpocketing is a high possibility. So do take care of your belongings. The handicraft center is extremely extensive and obtains much of its materials from the sea in the form of sea shells. A wide variety of dried fish and seafood are also sold nearby.

KK Places (5)

Tip of Borneo

Located in the district of Kudat and being the northern-most tip of the Borneo Island, the Tip of Borneo is a whooping 3 and half hour drive from KK town. A large comfortable vehicle, usually in the form of a four-wheel drive is recommended. From the Tip of Borneo, the sea is as far as the eye can see. The mainland and certain island of the Philippines can also be seen on a clear day. This is a worthwhile place to visit if you have a day to spare. A musical event is also held yearly to promote the Tip of Borneo as a tourist destination.

KK Places (6)

Mount Kinabalu

Last but definitely not least is the majestic mountain itself; Mount Kinabalu. Climbing Mount Kinabalu is the pinnacle experience of any trip to Sabah. I did not climb the mountain this time, but just the sight of it will drive me to come back here and scale its peak. Those who are unable or unwilling to scale this beast, a visit to the Kinabalu National Park would be the best deal as it offers a great closeup view of Mount KK and the surrounding wilderness. A must go and see destination!

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