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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

'Night Only' Nasi Lemak @ Taman Prima Kajang

I know my flogging rate has been kind of slow these days. Been busy with my thesis which will be done by the end of November! :) In the meantime, I have a lot of posts to clear up. So lets start with this, my dad and sis dropped by this place and they liked it. So I thought I'll give it a try. Malam Sahaja Nasi Lemak is located behind Maybank in Taman Prima Kajang and is part of a shop lot with other hawkers as well.

I'm not sure ever I'm reading the signs properly or what, but there seems to be a big emphasis on 'malam sahaja' (night only). Did they register the shop under that name? :p Anyway, this stall is manned by this presumably Indian husband and wife team. You have a lot of choices to go with your nasi lemak. Among them, fried fish, chicken curry, chicken rendang, mutton, fried and hard-boiled eggs, long beans, cockles sambal, and squid sambal. Although some items like mutton might not be served everyday. But by the far the hottest item on the menu is their fried chicken.

Night-Only Nasi Lemak

Legend has it, as soon as the chicken leaves the hot oil, they are swarmed by starving and snappy aunties who seem like they mite die if they don't get their hands on it. Anyway I was packing so I took a fried chicken, fried egg, and long beans. Onion sambal, nuts, and cucumber are the usual addons.

The nasi lemak is a mix of hits and misses. Its not bad, but it could have been great. We start with the hits; the rice was aromatic and top notch nasi lemak material. The sambal was spicy and flavorful and has that Indian spice touch to it. Malaysian should already know Malays, Chinese, and Indians cook their sambal differently from each other. Malays tend to be on the sweeter side, Indians on the spicier, and Chinese somewhere in the middle of the two :p Anyway with all the hype surrounding the fried chicken, I only found it to be average. Besides being tender and juicy, its seasoning was rather plain. However, from my excessive drinking of water, I believe they use quite a bit of MSG. I did see them using it when cooking the long beans. Maybe I'll ask them to reduce it on my next visit :)

If you are in the area and in the mood for some spicy nasi lemak, this is the place for you. The rice and sambal is excellent. Oh did I mention, its also dirt cheap. Nasi lemak with egg and long beans with 3 pieces of chicken came to just RM9! Just don't mind the oil, heck its already called NASI LEMAK!

Malam Sahaja Nasi Lemak
Jalan KP1/1
Taman Kajang Prima
Kajang, Selangor

GPS: N2.981968, E101.816589

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